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B-RP - Biohazard Roleplay
In-Game Rules

It is your own RESPONSABILITY to read the rules thoughtly and understand the consequences of the punishments that each rule delivers. Biohazard Roleplay In-Game rules can change anytime. Not knowing the concept of the rules will not leave you unpunished.
1. Common Things
Be kind to others and you will be rewarded with kindness too. You, showing off to be a troll or bully does not prove anything. Respect the opinions of the others, and they shall respect yours. A solution is always out there. Always be tolerant to players and staff member. Staff members are here to provide you with help, not ignorance.

You must Roleplay at all times. Even if you see someone who broke the roleplay, do not follow his/her path of breaking the concept of Roleplay and you have the right to ignore that person. The only time where you're allowed to break Roleplay is if the situation you are involved in turns into admin handling situation, to which the Roleplay is fully halted.

Do not stall the inevitable things that you are forced in uncomfortable situation such as:
  • Quitting the game to avoid getting bitten by Player zombie/NPC
  • Quitting the game to avoid roleplaying with Bio Organic Weapon(B.O.W) player
  • Quitting to avoid getting scammed/robbed
  • Refusing to roleplaying certain situations that led up to the roleplay scene
You have the right to ignore OOC chat if you are in IC mode. You have the right to continue the roleplay even if the person in OOC chat is complaining. The roleplay must go on, no matter which turn it went to aslong as no major rulebreaking happened in the roleplay that allowed you to get the results you wanted.

Always communicate with staff members when they are asking you questions/listening to your side of story. Not co-operating with them will not give you the justice you want, thus the situation(-s) you are in would be voided.

Spamming On-duty/Off-duty Helper/Admin's private messages while he/she is-ingame is considerable to be an attention seeking thing. If you really wish to get an attention that you need, there is always a /report command In-game. Be patient as admins have other things to deal and complain. Understand them as they have the freedom to roleplay aswell.

Here in this apocalyptic world of B-RP, roleplay to the most free extent of your own character abilities and powers. Do not go overboard with you being some sort of "Ex-military" or "Trained recruit" before the outbreak. Your character surviving this far into apocalypse has led either to your luck of staying alive, or in-time developed survival skills which you either learned by yourself or by the fellow survivors. Roleplaying fitness,strength,endurance is allowed, aswell as partaking pre-apocalyptic military training by someone who is currently active in United States Marine Corps faction(USMC)

Developing your character to fit Military type(equivalent to normal conscript in real-life) will take you 4 months IC(OOC 4months too) time.

Here in Biohazard-Roleplay(forums,in-game,discord or any other platform we have) admins decision is final, unless reversed by Management itself. Doesn't matter if its based on rules or not - the decision is final.
Punishments: From verbal warning till ban(can be appealable).
2. Metagaming
Using Out of Character(OOC) information to express it In-Character(IC). Encouraging someone else to metagame is forbidden. You are not allowed to transfer information that your main characters knows to your alternative account(-s) simply by switching to them. Either pass the information to someone whom you know so that they could relate the information about upcoming things to your alternative made account(-s).

It is also forbidden to use expressive emotions in-character such as:

Metagame is also prohibited during these actions:
Kim_Brown sees the nametag of John_Stone up above so she knows who he is already without ever asking his name
Kim_Brown pms John_Stone In-game telling him to come to her house because she is being invaded by zombies.
Using voice devices such as Ventrillo,Skype,Teamspeak,Discord to communicate IC is forbidden.

Exceptions are given to official factions to use voice communication devices to communicate over in radio.
Punishments: From a verbal warning/jail(time made by admins) till ban depending on the severity(can be appealable).
3. Powergaming
Powergame is something that cannot be done by any typical human or can be defined as inhuman. Aswell as forcing roleplay on others without giving them a fair chance to roleplay. Aquiring things that gives you an roleplay edge overall. Roleplaying things that cannot be done script-wise.

Such examples of Powergame can be given:
  • Kim_Brown picks up a TANK and tosses it over to the county
  • Roleplaying that you do not have the possesed item Icly while you surely do have it script-wise in your inventory
  • Kim_Brown continuesly keeps hitting Mike_Stone in the skull, killing him instantly
  • Healing during shootout/brawl/zombie attack
  • Injecting yourself with anti-virus without proper roleplay
  • Wrestling with double sized B.O.W, equaling its strength and physical form
  • Carrying weapons such as Colt, Desert Eagle, AK-47, M4, Country Rifle requires for you to roleplay taking them out from your bag or any other object you place them.
Roleplaying an item which does not exist script-wise must reach a consensus by involving parties surrounding the roleplay scene.

Bio Organic Weapons are the only individual creatures who can perform actions that are inhuman and impossible to any other human. For more information B.O.W - Approach of Roleplay
Punishments: From a verbal warning/jail(time made by admins) till ban depending on the severity(can be appealable).
4. Deathmatch
Deathmatch in simple terms can be explained as killing an individual without any specified/sufficient reason. Provoking someone else to deathmatch(e.g B.O.W) also falls under this rule.

Your character is not allowed to seek revenge if you have died during the incident, thus everything that you did untill the death of your character is wiped off memory wise. You may regain the memory back if the following people were involved in the shootout but stayed alive.

Other thing you may revenge for your killer is if you were saved by individual and thus your memory has stayed intact.

The only exception to Deathmatch is players versus zombies. You can deathmatch zombie NPC's, aswell as Player zombies aswell. Do not search player Zombies/NPC's around the map as you are not suppose to come after them. They are suppose to come after you. As a zombie player you are not obliged to harm other zombie player or Bio Organic Weapon.

As a zombie player it is your own decision to who attack. The automatic reason for your killing is quite simple = thirst for human flesh and blood.

If the following player who is not infected will ask you why did you DM him not anyone else, you are obliged to reply with the reasoning that is listed in this rule. It is your obligation to chose whomever you want to chase or go after.

If you have been killed by other human player and you do not know the reason, the killer must clarify his reason for killing you, If you are a killer, you must clarify the reason for the victim you just attacked if the victim demands an answer.
Punishments: From a kick till ban depending on the severity(can be appealable).
5. Non-Roleplay
Here in San Andreas Multiplayer some things cannot be fixed script-wise, thus multiple things regarding physics in this game is unrealistic and does not fit into the standards of roleplay. Such actions are:
  • Bunnyhopping - constantly jumping to move quicker.
  • Olympic Swim - Swimming across the water without roleplaying being exhausted
  • "W' tap on bycicles/motorcycles - continuesly tapping "W" key on keyboard to go fast
  • Chicken Run - avoiding bullets by zig-zaging.
  • Ninja-Jacking - Ejecting person out of his vehicle without proper roleplay
  • Car surfing - Jumping ontop of the car without any roleplay. If the situation involves kidnapping, the victim must get inside a car seat.
  • Drive-by as a driver - Using SMG or any other type of weapon to perform drive-by whilist driving.
  • Drive-by without a driver - Using SMG or any other type of weapon to shoot inside a car without any driver
  • BMX jumping - jumping high with BMX to gain speed and height advantage to yourself.
All of those situations is considered Non-Roleplay
Punishments: From verbal warning to a jail(time decided by admins).
6. Cheats
Cheats or else called third-party modification softwares are those modifications that make your gameplay easier thus brings you to an advantage. Anything that is not aproved to use by an admin such as s0beit,trollbeit,aim hacking,wallhacking and CLEO is strictly forbidden to use. Level 4 admin or + may aprove you to use CLEO made mods only when you specify what is it for and if its safe to use it.

Programs like keybinders are not recommended to use.
Punishments: Permanent ban(non-appealable).
7. Explicit Roleplay Scenes
Performing Explicit Roleplay scene, you must get OOC consensus from the player whom you will be performing such act. These acts involve:
  • Rape
  • Sexual harrasment
  • Mutilation
  • Pedophilia
  • Bestiality
Such roleplay scenario must be done away from the others to avoid uncomfort to the others who might not want to witness this.

If yourself will start getting uncomfortable or disgust in the roleplay, you have the right to stop the roleplay.

Cannibalism and dismemberment can be done script-wise with proper roleplay, thus you do not need permission from a player corpse whom you found dead.

B.O.W players must also remain stable during the Explicit scenes with their preys, making it quite okay scenario to partake in.
Punishments: Ban if the roleplay continued when it was suppose to stop/roleplaying it without other persons consent(appealable).
8. Robbing & Scamming
Robbing is a definition of someone forcefully trying to steal an item possesed by other individual. Scamming is a definition of hiring a person to use his/her services (e.g assasination,prostitution,bodyguard) by paying certain ammount of money, however the person who provides those services refuses to do them.

Both those actions must be done In-Character.

Here in Biohazard-Roleplay, the money currency(U.S dollars) do not exist, so the only viable option of robbing and scamming are the players item offerings.

Characters who are participating in a robbery must be higher than level 10. Robbers themselves must be also higher than level 10. Players/robbers who are less than score 10 cannot participate in a robbery or be robbed.

Characters who are participating in a scam must be higher than level 15. Scammers themselves must be also higher than level 15. Players/scammers who are less than score 15 cannot participate in a scam or get scammed.

If a robbery is successful, the thief can take:
  • Desired inventory items(5 of them)
If a scam is successful, the scammer can take:
  • The item(-s) that was scammed for
If taken more items than shown, it is punishable.

You may attempt to steal an item from a person who is having its own market booth(stall). Person who is doing trade-to-trade items with individuals at his ownable stall can easily be robbed if he has the requirements of level 10. Aswell as the thief himself.

Lending or borrowing item to someone else is your own responsability or risk.If you have reached IC consensus with individual to borrow or lend item for him, it is your own responsability to get it back yourself. Administration team will not bother to interfere in such cases, thus it is also invalid to able to refund the item.

Providing scam services to give away houses is forbidden. Providing someone to giveaway your house which is not yours is forbidden, as scams like these takes a big toll and exceeds normal scams.

Raffle and gamble at your own risk. If someone offers a gamble or raffle for an item or house, please use it to your own risk of getting scammed by the raffler/gambler himself. Always make sure to use your IC knowledge and trust which of the people are worthy.

Player/faction owned houses/properties can be robbed without anyones consent.You are allowed to rob players/faction owned properties without an administrative permission. You must be level 10 to do this. Player himself can be whether online or offline during the robbery. Faction properties will be alerted with alarms so thus you will be limited on a timer, and aswell you will be met with KoS(Kill on Sight) members of the faction who will be allowed to take you down. Meanwhile the player owned properties do not have alarms or power to be notified of thing happening, thus the timer there is unlimited. If a facility/house robbery is succesfull, robbers allow to take half the inventory house/facility had.
Punishments: From jail(admin decides the time) till inventory wipe untill ban(appealable).
9. Property Destruction
Property destruction is an act to which players/factions owned facility is being destroyed by someone. In order for property to be destroyed, you need persons permission himself, or if the person is not online, Head Admin permission. The only available destruction procedure is burning. In order to property destruction, you must use /report and have a valid IC reason for such doing.

The Property Destruction thing is only aimed towards player owned houses/market booths aswell as faction owned facilities.

Players must also have a valid IC reason to destroy faction cars.
Punishments: From jail(admin decides the time) untill ban(appealable).
10. Special Character Involvement
Special Character is a Character which is based off someones franchise. To which case, here in Biohazard-Roleplay we base in Resident Evil, thus we bring out some Resident Evil characters into gameplay.

The players who will take over those Characters must follow pscyhology,strength,weakness of the Character that is widely written over wikipedia pages of Resident Evil.

As you take control of that Character, you either follow its specific asigned role, or give it new path. Special Characters do not gain any powers to be stronger, but they are most skilful than any Character that is not from Resident Evil franchise, giving them upper edge in hand-to-hand combat,weapon usage,medicine,stealth and so on.

You do not have the permission to drag the Character out of his ways(for Example turn HUNK into a good guy, turn Leon into a bad guy) from its formal nature and its objectives. Each Character you control will act on your roleplay, but cannot act upon switching sides to fight for humans or not. It is their destined nature to do this or that, and you are not allowed to change that.

If you decide to character-kill the character that you were allowed to roleplay, the character will no longer participate in Biohazard-Roleplay.

If you do not use this character actively, you will be stripped off from the character, thus no longer allowed to roleplay in it.

If you break any rule from below the given in this character, you will be stripped off this character and no longer be allowed to roleplay in it.

The newly appointed Owner will continue the characters development from where you left off.
Punishments: Character Strip & Special Character ban from applying.
11. Encountering NPC/Player Zombies Rule
Encountering NPC or Player zombies, both parties are allowed to participate in Deathmatch sequence, resulting in one parties victory. Zombie Players have all the right to ask permission to roleplay with one or two individuals if two parties reach OOC consensus to do so. As a human, you do not search for NPC or Player zombies. The task of humans is to survive, while zombie task is to hunt you down and kill you.

If the consensus OOC'ly has come to no avail, zombie player can either attack the opposing party or run away.

As a human you do not roleplay with NPC zombie. NPC zombies will not roleplay to you back, nor they will stop for you. It is vital that you kill them before they do.
Punishments: Jail(time decided by admins) if its a zombie provoking/searching, untill ban(appealable).
12. Encountering Bio Organic Weapon(B.O.W) Rule
If you encounter a Bio Organic Weapon user, you cannot engage in deathmatch sequence due to you might lose very quick because of script-wise powerful abilities to which they can use in roleplay aswell.

When encountering B.O.W you must incite on roleplay fear at all times. B.O.W is a creature you have never seen before, or rather saw but you cannot believe such things exist. Even with a group of 12 people the fear is exsistant.

There can be no OOC consensus made when met B.O.W. The roleplay action shall commence immideately once B.O.W is in the distance of you.

If the roleplay scene is broken by someone or you, B.O.W has all the rights to engage in deathmatch sequence, so do you.

You cannot engage B.O.W in melee situation as the fear would take over you, so engaging in any melee/wrestling scenario with B.O.W is considered Powergame/Non-RP fear.

If a B.O.W has taken you as a prey, the B.O.W user has to ask no permission of you to commence in Explicit roleplay, however you can reach OOC consensus to keep Explicit scene as clean as possible without any uncomfort.

B.O.W users follow their own rules.
Punishments: Jail(time decided by admins) if B.O.W is provoked/shot without a reason untill a ban if its constant provoke and no roleplay of fear.
13. Faction Wars
Faction Wars can happen between unofficial/official official/official unofficial/unofficial settlements. The OOC consensus on designated time and exact date is not mandatory to be discussed, as the attack factor remains there.

During faction war, any settlement that is being attacked by the attackers can be approached script-wise. You cannot heal or rejuvenate during script-wise faction wars.

The timer between each faction settlement attack is 4 hours, meaning if your faction failed to attack the faction 1st time, 4 hour cool down must commence, even if one individual survived the war.

The defending faction settlement people who died can no longer return. During Faction wars, settlements can be claimed if all the defending faction is gone. The people who lost the settlement can claim it after period of 4 hour cooldown.

You cannot attack the settlement of a faction if theres no more than 4 members online.
Punishment: Faction removal(if its official) or jail(time decided by admins). More repeated action results in a ban.