B.O.W Rules

Official rules of B:RP can be found here.
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B-RP - Biohazard Roleplay
Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W) Rules

This rule set is for Bio Organic Weapon applicants who are now in possesion of each applied B.O.W. Rules can always change or more can be added. B.O.W users will not be tolerated for not reading the rules as instrcuted.
Your main priority is to Roleplay at all costs. Due to extraordinary script-wise advantage you have over everyone, you cannot engage in Deathmatch sequences whenever you desire.

Your roleplay can only be halted by Administrator.

Failing to roleplay as a B.O.W or refusing to accept the consequence of your roleplay scenario is strictly forbidden.
2.T.A.L.O.S & RPG Usage
T.A.L.O.S B.O.W has an RPG which can fire 5 shots. The user must roleplay each shot and reload time of 2 minutes. T.A.L.O.S species do not have to roleplay taking out RPG because due to their structural design the RPG is attached to. T.A.L.O.S cannot run due to its weight and RPG mounted on his left shoulder.
Metagame is subjugated to all B.O.W's who tries to pm certain B.O.W to seek for revenge on certain human in spite of what they've done.

Hunter II's tracking ability cannot be used for OOC purposes to inform other B.O.W's of the location for the desired player.

B.O.W's must roleplay in communication and co-operate to search the individual themselves.
Some B.O.W's have limitations of their own powers though such an extent that they cannot do tasks that other B.O.W's can do. Depending on the B.O.W specie - the user itself must know its destructive force and abilities what it can do. Every B.O.W is considerably inhuman in many aspects.

Hunter II, Sweeper, Uber Licker, T.A.L.O.S, T-00, T-103 have automatic success on fatal inflicted damages on humans(e.g bone crushing)
Control of B.O.W' is not achievable by humans. B.O.W user itself must decide whether he will be tamed by their creators(Umbrella) or untamed.

B.O.W's cannot feel biased on protecting some human they just instantly fell inlove with.

B.O.W have the right to refuse the roleplay of an attempt of being controlled if captured.

The rightful B.O.W who can only roleplay control fully is J'avo.

Any other B.O.W is considerably problematic to maintain under control by Umbrella.
6.Explicity Actions
As a B.O.W you may proceed into Explicit scene with the person(-s) you have captured.

If the person who is your prey requests you to stop uncomfortable roleplay, you have the right to kill him.

If you continue such explicit approach, you must stop it.
Any fights between B.O.W is forbidden.

B.O.W is based on hierarchy of the nature of the food chain, giving respect and superiority to its better species.

Based on the rankings of the higher B.O.W, the lower ranked B.O.W cannot interfere with other B.O.W.

Blob>Licker>J'avo>Sweeper>Hunter II>Uber Licker>T.A.L.O.S>T-00>T-103.

Fights between B.O.W cannot happen RP or script-wise.
Punishment for one broken rule: Character Kill(unappealable).