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Official rules of B:RP can be found here.
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1. Common Sense
Here in Z-RP freedom of speech is allowed at any certain given time, but not in all aspects are you allowed to express yourself regarding politics,racism,war,gore,sexual matters. Here in Z-RP we expect you to respect one another. If one is to criticise you do not take it for an insult and accept the criticism. Report any malicious topics or something that breaks the rules of forum. Respect the fellow Forum Moderator/Moderator decisions as theire the final ones unless reversed by the Management or Head Administrator. Do not insult anyone on any given topic or thread. Spam and meme asmuch as you want about one another, but do not go overboard where stuff goes personal.
Such intolerance will be punishable from systematic warning to indefinite ban
2. Uploading
Make sure to use legitimate websites for uploading screenshots/videos/game files. Any of those unlegitimate websites that you will post will contain virus threat will be deleted
User will be given warning and if it will be repeated again - indefinite ban.
3. Advertisements
Make no mistake - saying other community name is allowed. But however, we strictly deny to post some other community IP or their external websites that lead to that community.
Such actions will result in indefinite ban.
4.Signature sizes
Please keep your signature to the line borders so that forum won't expand in width. Your signature will be removed if doing so. Do not upload any large 800x600 or higher pictures on your signature.
Maximum allowed is 300x300. Do not upload your signatures with various youtube links or massive gif's. We perfer you to use atleast 1 or 2 pictures, 1 youtube video, or 1 gif.
5. Graphical images
Graphical images such as porn,gore or any other inapropriate stuff is not allowed to be posted here, or used as signature or avatar. Also get rid of some girl picture with half naked credentials or a guy with his own acessories(We are all grown here, be serrious and control yourself).I
f you will fail to obid this your account will be suspended temporarily for such things
6. Primary language - English
We strictly would like to enforce English only community, where people no matter how bad their English is, or good - they still need to use English on this forum. If you ever do want to speak native tongue of your fellow people, please make seperate topic in "Non English Boards" in Misc category
. Posting stuff in Non-English in any other area will be given verbal warning, afterwards systematic one.
7. One Account Creation
Please use only 1 account during registration. If you do seem to forgot the password of your first ever account contact Management to reset it for you or request for password reconfirmination
. If you do happen to be banned on forums and trying to ban evade - you will be banned afterwards.
8. Do not disturb refund/player/staff/unban appeals
Simply do not disturb the threads that other community member made them. If you wish to post something regardless, please post new topic. You will be inclined to post on any topic however if you will be marked as potential evidence or witness to any incident that so happened.
Other than that - you cannot disturb
. You will be given systematical warning for the disturbance.
9. Spam or doublepost
Any sort of spam or doublepost is an exempt to prevent people to gather their forum ranks and post count faster. Typing one word somewhere does infact mean that you are here for the spam, not the appreciation of someones thread. Please use longer sentences, and meaningful ones not some randomized thoughts that do not even fit in the topic youre replying to. If you do happen to lag during the post, and see that you got 2 posts instead of 1, remove one.
Punishment varies between verbal warning to systematical warning.
10. Copyright
If you are posting a topic without original owner agreeing to share its own content please put credits to make sure it is his/her work not yours.
If you were to be found posting stuff that is not yours, yet you claim it is yours you will be indefinately suspeneded from forums.