Account Rules

Official rules of B:RP can be found here.
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B-RP - Biohazard Roleplay
Account Rules

These rules are for In-game Accounts only. Not knowing about Account rules will not let you escape the punishment.

1. Account Share
Account share is a proccess to which you allow other user to gain access to your private In-Game account and its characters to which you created. It is strictly forbidden to share any distinguishable information that could lead to your Account being hacked or shared by the community.

Biohazard Roleplay staff team will never ask you to share your accounts with them.

You are forbidden to share Account information with your friends,family or virtual friends.

If you have access to a special character to which you control, you are forbidden to share its password with anyone else apart from you. Only the owner and you will know the password of the account.
Punishment: Permanent ban(non-appealable).
2. Master Account
Master Account is where you login to Biohazard Roleplay server, having the ability to create 3 Characters of your choosing. 1 Primary and 2 alternative ones. We believe that owning 3 characters is enough for all individuals, thus we do not encourage another creation of Master Account.

It is forbidden to distribute or create Master Account for someone else.

Only Staff team are allowed to create multiple Master Account's.
Punishment: Permanent ban of the other Master Account found/distributing Master Account to someone else(non-appealable).
3. Account selling to 3rd party websites
Account selling to 3rd party websites which makes business out of individual roleplay communities which players take interest in selling accounts to which they believe can benefit cause of high player rate and high demand of playing.

Your Master Account cannot be sold to 3rd party websites. Even for a lend or borrow.
Punishment: Permanent ban from the community(non-appealable).