Master Account Rules

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Master Account Rules

This rule set is for Master Account system which resides in-game. It is your RESPONSABILITY to read the rules and get to know them. Not knowing the rules will not leave you unpunished.


1. Master Account Ownership
Master Account is a system in our game where you can create upto 3 roleplay characters to your desire(4 for donators).

Do not share the account password with anyone.It is forbidden for you to share any account information with your friends,family members or strangers. Administrators will never ask your account password. If they do - it means a potential risk and scam upon the staff, so therefor you should immideately report the staff member.

Do not sell the account or its belongings to other 3rd party websites.Simply stating that you shall not try to sell your account to SAMP designated websites which occupies themselves in selling virtual currency market. At this case, if the account of yours has special abilities(is a b.o.w character or helper/admin level, possess high score or rare items, is donator).
Punishments: From temporary till permanent ban(depending on severity, can be appealable)

2. Character Creation/Deletion
Within the master account system, you have 3 slots available to create your own characters. Each character can be deleted with reasonable reason and sent to admins to validate if your account slot can be deleted or not. The items or score that your deleted character had will not be refundable.

Deleting character without sufficient reason will be simply denied.

Creating another master account to create another character is also denied.

Having 2 characters in both official factions is denied.

The only exception to having 2 master accounts are the B-RP Staff.
Punishments: All character bans on your main account