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Hello and Welcome!

To Biohazard Roleplay(B:RP)

Greetings, everyone.

My nickname is Hammer, also known as Uganda on discord. I present to you, my desired community project I've been wanting to build ever since. And today, we came up with Biohazard Roleplay. Biohazard Roleplay community founded itself in midst of 2017, with a group of individuals with common goals and desires to restore apocalyptic scenario in San Andreas Multiplayer Community. Biohazard Roleplay focuses on different spectre of roleplay: gore,apocalypse,end of the world,armageddon and so on. But the primary thing we did in Biohazard Roleplay was to bring the top notch science fiction thing: zombies. And not just any zombies, but we have focused our attention on one of the biggest zombie franchise makers in the history of horror: Resident Evil franchise.

In times such as these, it may be impossible to re-create everything 100% pure as Resident Evil franchise had to offer, though you should understand that even if we base on Resident Evil games, the path of creativity and your role-model character solely relies on the way how you adapt to this server and its storyline. Our main goal is to ensure the development step by step made by humongous amount of individuals discovering something new or perhaps setting new things, changing landscapes and so on. But even so, I want to discuss several other goals I have in mind:

B:RP Staff

Biohazard Roleplay Staff team has a certain goal here in the community. Here in this community, staff will try to keep as low profile as possible in terms of player involvement in big events and landscape changes, assuming the whole control to the player of his/her decisions. While the staff team is here to assist you and look after the rulebreakers, it is essential that you as a player should always be responsable for his actions both In-Character and Out-Of-Character.

Biohazard Roleplay staff members will only get handpicked by Uganda. The handpick process is determined on individual if he/she has been helping out the community, how long has he/she been here, and if the person has cold nerves aswell as the ability to take some things like a man. All of the community staff members base punishments accordingly to the punishments, not by their own biasment. There are no favorites, nor any losers. Only people.


Towards this scene of apocalypse, we also set our sights towards Factions who will play huge role in the server's future, aswell as the timeline of it. Our faction goal is to ensure that every faction should be taken care of by their own individual leaders, with less admin involvement and less argumentative things.

It is faction decision to occupy certain territory or wage war with any faction with a reason behind it. Knowing how scarce the world is right now in Biohazard Roleplay timeline, we also want to ensure to roleplay certain factions while disallowing the foundation of some "elite" or "militaristic" factions that someone has in mind. While we do allow the freedom of action, we forbid the spectre of factions and their specialities.

The more unique the faction is, the more it participates in the timeline, the more members it gets, and the more praise it recieves from the community - the faction can become official. It is your role as a leader or a member to represent your faction well both in-character and out-of-character.

Your Character Specialities

If your character has somehow survived the apocalypse, it doesn't mean you are a skilled soldier with survivability. It is our goal to ensure that people do not get an upper edge early start of the game, allowing themselves to buffup so much that you compare yourself to real-life navyseal.

Towards this goal, we want everyone to develop their characters on what they want to be. While the spectre of availability is endless, it is important to remember that development of your character traits makes you better in-character wise. We do not tolerate the likes of people who will roleplay a person who pretends to be ex-military,ex-cop,ex-agent and so forth. We put boundaries to things that will make a huge disatvantage to those. There are certain ways to achieve such things, but not the way how they were achievable in the normal world before apocalypse here.

We support your character development, aslong as it meets our standards. Do not go overboard, everything is limited. Only by pure roleplay and essential knowledge can you progress forward. Thus is where you will have to be responsable for this development in your Character stories and so forth.

Landscape Changes

Biohazard Roleplay wants the community to be dynamic as possible, in terms of landscape. We think its the only way to make the roleplay even more alive allowing players to do something about the landscape that it is, Red County. The landscape events can affect the roleplays future greater, but in reality to change a town for one man, it takes year, even decades. Remember, everything is gone from the point when it all started.

Our goal is to make sure people get such an opportunity to determine one towns or areas fate by the actions they do. Each certain landscape change will take along time, especially cleansing town from zombies or any other monsters that roam arround.

We also support the landscape spread, thus allowing more visual landscape to be added into the community as the playerbase grows.


While some say reality stings, and some cannot face the reality, here you will not be an exception. By meaning reality, we also aim to restrict items or possesions that in our opinion is no longer aquirable so freely.

It is impossible to consider yourself top of the food chain, cause humans no longer hunt for food. Humans are the food now. Consider your character role like the last life you have on this earth, adapt to the reality that it is surrounding you. No more help, no more shelter or protection. It is vital that you understand how cruel the world can be when it goes sideways, the most gruesome of human minds can unleash upon eachother, making this a common thing in apocalyptic scenario.


The currency in apocalypse can be different depending if the people stick to their old ways. But here, the staff do not control the economy - YOU do. Here in Biohazard Roleplay, all currencies are off, as in no more money to money buyouts or sellouts. We focus our main projectory on the item value for another item value.

We hope that this will bring more dynamic and more value to some items that will exist in the server, giving players a chance to roleplay themselves to be merchants or traders, eventually becoming businessman of the apocalyptic world. Some things just cannot go that away easily..


Many communities suffer from a amount of players who just can't seem to know their limits across the internet. Our goal is to make sure to make Biohazard Roleplay toxicity-free as possible, giving no remorse for those who break the boundaries and go mental insane if they can't take a criticism or a warning. That includes all of our community owned platforms(server,discord,forums etc).

Even though we allow people to express their own opinion and express themselves, we do not consider them to keep if they do so in a toxic, unfriendly way. Many communities slip past though that, ignoring the playerbase of their own. We will try our best not to turn into another toxic swamp.


The anticipated launch that the community members have been waiting for is coming to the doorsteps. As we approach our final stages of preparations, we will be hosting closed beta session with following individuals who will make it past though the application stage to see who will allow to test stuff first. Its not a bias feature, it is only to ensure that some features are ready to go, thus we do not need entire population testing it out.

Once the community server launches, remember those mini-goals and stick to your character development. Treat your character well, interact with people. The world of apocalypse await for you. How well will you cope with it?