Character Story competition[Time changed: April 23rd]

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April 14th, 2018, 3:41 pm

Here in our community we hope to see creative people in one of many ways, and one of those ways is by creating a character story. Character story competition is a competition where the best creative stories representing your character gets a chance to win a money prize by creating the best story and put people in awe of your amazing plot and the character pscyhology. The prize money is set to be 30 euros/dollars or any other currency depending on where the winner is from. This competition is made to wake up the forums from long stasis of being inactive and asleep, thus inspiring people to do something creative and be rewarded by money prize.

The time of this competition is limited. Initial close is on April 23rd, 2018 20:00PM GMT+3.

The final 3 will be voted on strawpoll to determine who is the winner on April 23rd, 2018 21:00PM GMT+3.

Once the final one will be decided, the winner will be announced here. So grab some cookies,water or smoke some blunt = get creative and start to write.